Updated November 21, 1999


PicLan is a set of software solutions that add a network interface layer to native Pick host systems.  By using the popular IPX protocol, PicLan provides native Pick hosts network connectivity in conjunctions with Novell, Microsoft, and other local and wide-area networks.

A complete description of PicLan functions is available in the PicLan Technical Overview.

An electronic PicLan manual is available at PicLan v 2.0 Manual.

Supported PicLan Platforms

The following Pick O/S platforms are currently supported by PicLan version
Pick O/S Vendor O/S Name O/S Version Network Type
Alpha Microsystems Pick/64+ 2.2 Ethernet
Pick/64+ 2.3 Ethernet / Fast Ethernet
General Automation ADDS PC/OS 3.0M5-3.0M7 Ethernet
Mentor PRO 4.0-4.1 Ethernet / Fast Ethernet
R91 8.0(09) - 8.4 ArcNET
SEQUOIApro 2.4 Ethernet / Fast Ethernet
Pick Systems R83 3.0-3.1 Ethernet
AP/Native 5.2.0-5.2.7 Ethernet
AP/Pro 6.1 Ethernet / Fast Ethernet
Sanyo Icon Upboard all Ethernet / others with DOS IPX drivers
SMILE all Ethernet / others with DOS IPX drivers
These releases may be downloaded from http://modsoft.com/msc/dl.htm.

PicLan Version

PicLan version is the current build of PicLan version 2.0.

The following documents are available regarding the release:

Updates for v

Available Documents

Release Announcement Archive