PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan Version is now available for DOS and Windows clients

May 7, 1997

PicLan version is now available for DOS and Windows clients. This is a minor release that should only be of interest to a minority of (mostly international) PicLan sites.

PicLan version has the following bug fixes and additions:

Bug Fixes

Using Win95J

Problems with DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) versions of Windows 95 were discovered

The PLTW and PLTW32 programs have both been tested with Win95J and appear to install and run correctly. Their operation with DBCS fonts has not be thouroughly tested, although they generally appear to function.

Error with Mentor PRO

Some users with Mentor PRO had problems with PicLan Windows applications

The bug fixes for Win95J should also fix problems some customers have had with Mentor PRO hosts that advertise a zero PicLan serial number.

New Features


PLTW and PLTW32 have been modified for international customers


PLTW and PLTW32 have been modified so that the default is to use the local code-page for keyboard mapping. This should make most keyboard operations automatic in most languages. It also allows the default IME (Input Method Editor) to function in DBCS languages. Internal keyboard handling may be re-enabled with [PLTW] RawKDB=yes in the PL-CFG.INI file.

DBCS Fonts

PLTW and PLTW32 now understand DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) fonts and will display them "correctly". It is still the responsibility of the Pick host application to correctly implement DBCS aware input editing functions. DBCS is enabled with [PLTW] DBCS=yes in the PL-CFG.INI.file.

Font Character Sets

PLTW and PLTW32 now allow you to specify the character set to use when mapping Windows fonts. The previous default was OEM. This is setup in [PLTW] Charset=SHIFTJIS (Japanese) in PL-CFG.INI. More information on allowable fonts is included in the PL-CFG.INI comments section.

International Messages

The PLTW and PLTW32 program can now optionally read menu and dialog captions from a configuration file. This allows you to localize the PLTW and PLTW32 program to your local language. These changes are documented in the PL-CFG.INI and PL-MSG.INI file.