PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan version is currently being released for all client platforms

January 29, 1998

PicLan verison is currently being released as a client-only release.  This release may be used in conjunction with any 2.0.0.x server release.

New Features

DBCS Support

This release includes terminal emulation support for DBCS languages. It is been tested specifically with Windows 95 - Japanese.  Supported features include bidirectional character-set translation allowing the Pick host system to store DBCS sequences that contain system delimiters.

32-bit Windows DSG

The PL-DSG32.EXE program operates under Windows 95 and Windows NT as a 32-bit PicLan DOS Services Gateway.  This release includes support for:

Use of Winsock 2

The PLAN32S.EXE helper application has been modified to use WS2_32.DLL instead of WSOCK32.DLL.

User Definable Winsock DLL

You can add an entry to PL-CFG.INI to cause PLAN32S.EXE to use an alternate Windows Socket DLL.  This is intended for environments where the Microsoft WS2_32.DLL has been replaced by another vendors DLL and this 3rd-party Winsock provider does not supply adequate IPX support.  You enter the path to the desired DLL in PL-CFG.INI as: