PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan Version is now available

September 6, 1996

PicLan version client is currently being released. This is for all platforms. This document discusses the elements that this release addresses. This release is considered a minor upgrade.

New Features

The following new feature have been added to version


A new version of the PL-DEV TSR is included. This is a "lite" version of PL-DEV that is useful for Windows 3.1 installations that are short of memory. This version of PL-DEV does not include any support for TSR based printing (PL-PRN and PL-SPRN functions). It also reduces the number of inbound network buffers allocated to the IPX driver. This may cause lost network packets if more than 2 or 3 client programs are simultaniously communicating with Pick host systems.

If you need TSR printer support, you cannot use this new version. If you are running multi-process high-bandwidth applications such as a DSG, you should not use this new version of PL-DEV. If you are running interactive terminal emulation, then this version should work well.

The DRV_MAIN portion of PL-DEV2.EXE is about 10K smaller than in PL-DEV.EXE. The DRV_IPX portion of PL-DEV2.EXE is about 1K smaller.

Code Changes

No internal code changes

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed in version

Install Errors

Errors in the install functions have been fixed. Corrupted install files are also fixed.

PL-TERM Memory Problems

PL-TERM had a bug introduced in which would cause it to run out of near memory when more than one session was opened. This has been fixed in