PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan Version is now available

October 9, 1996

PicLan version for host and client is currently being released. This is for all platforms. This document discusses the elements that this release addresses. This release is considered a minor upgrade.

New Features

The following new feature have been added to version

No signifigant new features are present in version This ia a bug fix release only.

Code Changes

No internal code changes

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed in version

Ethernet-II Frame Type Processing

The processing for Ethernet-II frames in the native Ethernet driver has been fixed. This bug prevented PicLan from loading in native NDIS-2 and WFW networks. The bug was introduced because of other changes made to the PicLan driver in version that fixed several frame-type related phenomenon.

SERVER-PROCESS Print Job Processing

A bug in the way that the SERVER-PROCESS checked for outbound print jobs was found and fixed. This bug would cause print jobs to hang in limbo and not print. The pre-requisite conditions for this error were multiple pending print jobs that were generated not in strict job-number numeric order.

PLTW / PLTW32 Maximize

The logic for painting scroll bars has been fixed when PLTW and PLTW32 are maximized.