PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan Version is Now Available

July 5, 1996

PicLan version is currently being released for all platforms. This is the first production build of PicLan version 2.0.

New Features

The following new feature have been addecd to version


PL-COPYW, a Windows version of PL-COPY is included in this release. This is a new program and will probably undergo some revisions in future builds, but is included in this release.

Code Changes

Version Checking

The windows DLL and support EXE files have been modified to check for versions across DLL linkages. This should reduce field problems with upgrades where not all copies of Windows DLLs have been upgraded to new releases.

New Install Scanning

The PL_SETUP program has been extended to search the entire disk for old copies of PicLan. These old files can then be deleted eliminating one of the more common upgrade installation problems.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in version


The Alt-F4 sequence to exit the emulator has been fixed.

Locating the PL-CFG.INI file

The logic to locate the PL-CFG.INI file has been reworked and will hopefully be more robust.

Bug in PLAN32.DLL

The startup code for PLAN32.DLL included code that would intermittantly fault under Windows 95 with a message Invalid Page Fault in PLAN32.DLL at xxxx:xxxx006A. This bug is a problem with exception handing when the 32-bit DLL is called from within a 16-bit program's context. The startup code for PLAN32.DLL has been patched to work around this problem (which appears to be a Windows 95 bug underneath).

"Invalid Property" when PLTW32 is minimized

The PLTW32 program would get an "Invalid Property" error if you minimized it on a Windows 95 system (but not under NT). This has been fixed.

"Invalid DSG Work Directory" in PLTW32

If you are configured to run as a DSG and you start PLTW32, you would get an invalid work directory error from PLTW32 and it would refuse to run. This has been fixed.

RPC Calls to the Pick System

The RPC mechanism that is used both in Pick to Pick and VB to Pick calls has been reworked and should be more reliable. The PL-COPYW program now uses RPC calls. The next release of the VB SDK will include code examples including RPC calls.