PicLan Version Release Announcement

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PicLan Version is now available

December 16, 1996

PicLan version for all platforms is currently being released. This document discusses the elements that this release addresses. This release is considered a minor upgrade.

PicLan version has the following bug fixes and additions:

Bug Fixes

IPX Network Number Resolution

A bug in the resolution of IPX network numbers in 32-bit drivers was fixed.
This IPX addressing bug would cause certain servers to incorrectly responde to polling queries with the wrong network number, which in turn would cause the server to be unreachable in certain configurations.

The following platforms were effected by this bug:

This bug would only manifest itself in configurations that either have IPX routers or that have Win32 systems setup with either IPX routing (WinNT 4.0 server only), or multi-homed Win32 system (WinNT with multiple network adapters or RAS).

Screen Colors in VB Applications

Screen colors in VB application have been made more consistent when run on Windows 95 systems.

New DSG Printer Support

This release now includes support for:
        PL-ASSIGN #=DSG!WIN printer
This syntax uses the Win32 AddJob() and SubmitJob() functions to directly generate print files. In order to use this new syntax, PL-DSGW.EXE must be running on a Windows 95 or Windows NT system (Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups do not support the Win32 API). Also, Windows 95 system must be configured with 32-bit PicLan drivers (PL-DEV not loaded in AUTOEXEC.BAT).

This syntax is primarily intended to allow Windows 95 system to spool to local printers, but also works with local printers with Windows NT.

Testing with Windows 95 indicates that this function does not work when printing to non-local printers with Windows 95 or with Windows NT, particularily if the printer resides on a NetWare server. If you are using NetWare print queues, be sure to use the direct NetWare support in the PL-DSGW.EXE program in conjunction with an actual Novell Client.