Installation Notes for Windows 95

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These installation notes concern loading PicLan v onto a Windows 95 client. PicLan v 1.9.0.x includes enhanced support for Windows 95 which is discussed in other installation notes.

"Supported" Configurations

Last updated September 25, 1996

PicLan v 1.1.0.x "supports" Windows 95 in the following LAN configurations:

The method of integrating Piclan with 16-bit NDIS drivers has not been verified by Modular Software. Our thanks to Kirkland Information Systems for this information.

If you wish to run one of these configurations, simply add the PL-DEV.EXE command into the system AUTOEXEC.BAT after the appropriate LAN drivers load. In most cased, you should include the /NOEMS option with the PL-DEV command to prevent PicLan from using the EMS page frame which slows down Windows 95.

DOS-box Only Support

Last updated September 25, 1995

PicLan v 1.1.0.x will run inside of Windows 95 DOS-boxes without loading PL-DEV in the following situations:

This configuration will support at most one DOS application. Windows applications are not supported in Windows 95 at all with the installation method.