PicLan and PicLan-IP for Native Pick Systems
Ethernet Hardware Support

NetGear FA310TX Support

January 11, 2000

PicLan release and PicLan-IP release add support for newer NetGear FA310TX adapter. This adapter uses the Lite-ON PNIC 82c168 tulip look-alike chip.

note: Older NetGear FA310TX adapters use Digital 21140 tulip controller chips and work with all and later versions of PicLan and all versions of PicLan-IP.

When you configure this card on the Pick host system, you should select the following media types:

    00 - 10 Megabit half-duplex
    01 - 10 Megabit full-duplex
    10 - 100 Megabit half-duplex
    11 - 100 Megabit ful-duplex

All four speeds have been tested with Mentor PRO 4.1 systems. AP/Pro and Sequoia PRO systems have not been explicitely tested, but should function in that they share exactly the same PCI driver.. It should be noted that testing indicates that misconfiguring the half/full-duplex setting can result in no operation and not just excess packet collisions. As such, you should make sure you configure the card to match your network hubs/switches correctly.