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Full-View is a software only product that implements a vitual terminal support layer within the Pick Operating System. Full-View was first introduced in 1985 on Pick System's PC-AT R83 platform and has been subsequently ported to a number of R83 and R83-like vendor implementation including GA, CIE, ADDS, and Ultimate. This document discusses the most recent port of PicLan to Advanced Pick.

Full-View for AP/Pro

Full-View has been ported to operate in conjunction with Advanced Pick. The first implementation of Full-View for AP is with AP/Pro, the 32-bit native release of AP from Pick Systems.

Full-View consists of a software layer that implementes a "virtual terminal" embedded within the Pick System. This software layer intercepts all inbound and outbound terminal I/O generated by a Pick application creating a virtual terminal environment that signifigantly expands the usefulness of text-mode terminals. Full-View does not require any special workstation hardware and full support for even older, less-featured async terminals is included.

Full-View creates an environment that hides the physical terminal from the user's application and replaces it with an enhanced virtual terminal. This enhanced virtual terminal supports:

These functions are all built into the Pick support software that Full-View is implemented in. This allows text-based applications to be easily enhanced to support a wide range of visual appearances with minimal modification. Because the processing is completely controlled on the Pick host system, reliance on specialized display hardware is eliminated.

Specfically, Full-View provides easy support for:

Full-View is implemented as a hybrid of Pick assembler and monitor code. This interface allows Full-View to take control of the Pick terminal I/O stream at the READ and WRITE OSYM level where Pick assembly code communicates with the Pick monitor and serial drivers. This low level interface allows Full-View to effectively encapsulate entire applications within the Full-View virtual terminal environment. Because the interface to Full-View take place at the READ and WRITE OSYM levels, existing Pick applications operate within Full-View without modification or re-compilation of any kind. You can literally be editing an item in the Update processor inside of a window on-screen and level push a pop-up calculator mid-sentence.

Full-View version 2

Full-View is now available as a production release for AP/Pro. This is the first production build of Full-View, so it is possible that some bugs may still be discovered, but several dealers have ported commercial applications. This release is current posted on Pick Systems FTP site.

If you are a current Full-View developer, you can download a copy of this system. In order to use this release, you must:

Full-View v

This is the latest build of Full-View for AP/Pro. It includes the following fixes:

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