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March 12, 2001 - New PicLan-IP RPC Services

EasyCo is happy to announce new functionality in PicLan-IP allowing intermachine communications from one mv/Basic application to another. Targetted at users with clusters or even hundreds of MultiValue servers, PicLan-IP RPC functions provide fast and reliable program-level inter-machine communications mechanism built on proven networking protocols. More information about PicLan-IP RPC Services are available here.

Modular Software and Repton Data are merging into EasyCo, a new company that strives to make mvDBMS computing even easier. Our web sites are a bit in flux, but we will endeavor to keep all the links intact so that you can continue to recieve the support that you deserve.

If you have any questions about this change, feel free to contact either EasyCo Office.

Corporate Headquarters:
(800) 470-2756
(610) 237-2000
(610) 237-8420 (fax)

West Coast Offices:
(949) 831-4774
(949) 831-6860 (fax)


Rest assured that Modular Software's commitment to customer support, both for new and legacy products will continue.

Powered by Coyote

Coyote makes multi-page web application development easier than ever. Featuring a revolutionary, fully-presistent, top-down development environment, Coyote lets you develop MultiValue web applications in less time than green-screen terminal applications

Confused about where to start with Coyote application development. Check out the new on-line tutorial.


10 May 2001 New PicLan-IP releases for AIX, HP, Linux, and SCO
01 Feb 2001
New PicLan-IP price list.
30 Jan 2001
PicLan-IP build is being posted for all platforms.
27 Nov 2000
Modsoft sites begin merging with EasyCo. While the actual corporate merger happened several months ago, the web sites are just now catching up. If you think something is lost, please call or email.
04 Mar 2000
Software release list at right now displays latest releases updated real-time.
24 Feb 2000
PicLan build supporing NetGear PCI cards is now available for AP/Pro and Mentor PRO. Release for Sequoia PRO is due in the next several days.
26 Dec 1999
All new download area with user logging and easier to navigate functions


EasyTime ASP
  Managed hosting services designed specifically for mvDBMS users and VARs
  Painless internet connectivity services for mvDBMS systems
Coyote Web Server
  The solution for web deploying mvDBMS applications
  TCP/IP internet EMAIL, TELNET, and communications solutions for MultiValue hosts.
  IPX network solutions for Native Pick.
EasyCo Distribution
  Hardware and software solutions for mvDBMS users and VARs.

Other Modular Software Products:
  PicLan Terminal Emulator - 16 and 32-bit Windows TELNET emulator for turn-key developers
  Full-View - Virtual terminal environment for R83 and AP/Pro.
  Smart-Tree - BTREE indexing.
  PC-Cache - Disk performance software for R83 and AP/Native.

All modsoft downloads are now available here

Latest PicLan-IP Releases

Platform Version Date
AP/Pro 05/14/01
Mentor PRO 05/14/01
Sequoia PRO 05/14/01
mvBase 04/13/04
D3/NT 03/20/03
D3/UNIX 11/17/03
Unidata/NT 10/11/02
Universe/NT 05/31/04
Unidata/Unix 10/11/02
Universe/Unix 06/24/03
jBase/Unix 06/15/02

Latest PicLan Releases

Platform Version Date
DOS/Win Client 01/17/00
AP/Pro 03/01/00
Mentor PRO 07/25/00
Sequoia Pro 03/02/00
R83 - AP/Native 03/29/98

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(800) 470-2756
(610) 237-2000

(610) 237-8420 (fax)

West Coast Offices:
(949) 831-4774
(949) 831-6860

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