Full-View - Windows for Pick

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Version 2.0 for AP - February 14, 1996

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In addition to all the features and functions already discussed, FULL-VIEW also enhances the usefulness of the PICK Operating System by adding these new features.


With FULL-VIEW activated, non-editing single key inputs may be performed from BASIC by coding:

    INPUT VAR , -1 :
This statement will cause a single keystroke to be returned to the BASIC program in the variable VAR. This single keystroke is not processed by the normal line input routine and therefore control characters such as backspace and carriage return are returned. This statement never echos anything to the screen.


FULL-VIEW has an external subroutine called SENTENCE which may be used to return the input line that was typed in order to run the program. It operates very similarly to the SENTENCE(...) intrinsic function on CIE but is portable across all PICK machines for which FULL-VIEW is available. SENTENCE is used as follows:

    WORD.1 = STR[1]
    WORD.2 = STR[2]
The SENTENCE subroutine relies on the command sentence being left over in the process' workspace. Because of this, be sure to call the SENTENCE program as the first executable statement of your program in order to prevent unusual results.

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