Full-View - Windows for Pick

(C) Copyright 1985-1996 Modular Software Corporation. All rights reserved.

Version 2.0 for AP - February 14, 1996

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As is true with all computer software, this product is evolutionary in nature. In regard to this manual, this means that this version of the manual should be better than the last, but still far from perfect. Because of production considerations, the manual is probably always somewhat out-of-date in relation to the software itself.

The FULL-VIEW documentation is available electronically on the World Wide Web. You can access the current release of the FULL-VIEW manual at http://www.primenet.com/~modsoft/fv-man.htm.

FULL-VIEW is a complicated endeavor. It extends the capabilities of the Pick Operating System in ways which have never been done before. This manual is written for the Pick software developer, but is also for end-users who write their own software (a common occurence on Pick-based computer systems). This manual does not try to teach you Pick. If you know Pick well, FULL-VIEW should be great fun (many say it is somewhat addictive). If you do not know Pick, you may be in for some long nights.


The FULL-VIEW system is licensed, not sold. A mail-in copy of the FULL-VIEW end-user license agreement is included with the FULL-VIEW software. An additional copy of the license agreement is included in this manual for your records. Please read, complete, sign, and mail the license agreement. Even if you do not sign and return the end-user license agreement, your use of this software binds you to it, so it is important that you read the license agreement carefully. The agreement discusses such issues as warranty, liability, and returning the system for a refund. If you do not return the agreement, you will not be eligible for additional services, including technical support and software upgrades.


This version of FULL-VIEW is considered a "DEVELOPERS" version. This means that the system includes documentation and tools which are needed to write and maintain software the utilizes the FULL-VIEW system. In addition to the "DEVELOPERS" version, several other versions of FULL-VIEW are available including:


FULL-VIEW is available as a demo version that is limited to two users maximum. This release is designed as an evaluation copy for developers and to allow developers to demonstrate their FULL-VIEW applications in a sales environment.

1.2.2: RUN-TIME

The Run-Time version allows developers to ship their software already integrated with FULL-VIEW as a single unit. This version does not include the tools necessary to develop or modify applications and is specifically designed to be bundled with applications.

If you are a software developer and are interested in the DEMO or RUN-TIME versions of FULL-VIEW, please contact your dealer or Modular Software Corporation for more information.

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