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PicLan Download FAQ

March 1, 1998

What version of PicLan should I download?

This is a difficult question to answer.  PicLan version was just released (as of 3/1/98).  This version is intended to consolodate the PicLan software so that a single build is available on all platforms. Unfortunately, this release is quite new, so whether you want to download it may depend on your situation. In any case remember:

Do I need the same version of PicLan on all systems?

You can use different builds of PicLan on your Pick server and workstation client systems within limitations.  The PicLan version number consists of: If the first three numbers match, then PicLan should work.  This means that a AP/Pro server running will communicate with a Windows 95 workstation running, but not with a DOS workstation running

Why are there two DOS/Win client installs that are the same version?

One install is designed to create diskettes, and the other is designed to create an install directory.  In either case, you end up with exactly the same PicLan installation. Remember the network install can be difficult to transfer from machine to machine via floppy disk.

Can I copy the diskettes from a client install set to a network directory?

Yes.  If you create four subdirectories named disk1, disk2, disk3, and disk4 you can then copy the contents of each install diskette to the appropriate directory.  After the diskettes are copies, you can run SETUP.EXE from the disk1 directory.

What is the difference between a 16-bit PicLan driver and a 32-bit PicLan driver?

There are two driver "types" for PicLan on the Alpha Microsystems Pick/64+ and General Automation Sequoia PRO platforms.  Perhaps some historical perspective would help here. So which should you use.  Both versions appear to be very stable. If you need PCI or PicLan-IP support then you must use the 32-bit drivers. Otherwise you can use either one.  We would prefer that you use the 32-bit drivers in all cases.  Again if you have any problems, please email
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